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Posted on:8,Jun'17

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This is part of our series of monthly blog posts where we answer certain frequently asked questions we face in our calls to view the entire series, Please Click Here

Q.  I am an adult male from Haryana and have been detected with Hydrocelle. I would like to know more about this and also the treatment options.

A.  As per our panel of doctors, Hydrocele is a sac which gets filled with fluid around the testis and is mostly observed in new born babies and sometimes also found in adults. Hydrocele does not require treatment in younger adults but regular observations have to be done to detect whether it is growing in size.  In case it’s growing abnormally, the doctor might perform a small surgery otherwise it can be treated with medicines.

Q. My friend has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and currently undergoing treatment. Now, he has dog bite and would like to know if vaccination can be taken as he is undergoing treatment?

A. As per the advice of our panel of doctors, the vaccination for dog bite should be taken immediately and then continue with the treatment for cancer.

Q. I am an adult female from Hyderabad and had been diagnosed with throat cancer. The cancer was treated by Radiation. Consequently I am having mucus and due to feeling very uncomfortable and unable to get some proper sleep. Please let me know how this can be treated.

A. As per our doctors, this sort of problem arises mainly in oral and throat cancer cases and it might be due to dryness of mouth and minimal production of saliva. So kindly check with your consulting physician on the alternatives for the production of saliva and this should resolve your issue.
Q.  My relative in Delhi has been suggested to take Chromogranin test by their doctor. We would like more information on the test and why is it required?

A.  The Chromogranin test is used a tumour and this test along with the combination of few other tests is helpful in detecting Carcinoid Tumours.

Q.  My relative has been diagnosed with blood cancer. Can you please provide a list of blood banks in Delhi?

A.  Following are the main blood bank centers in Delhi.

1. Noida Charitable Blood Bank
Address: Khasra Number 587, 2nd Floor, I-Block, Moolchand Tower, Village Chaura, Sector 22, Noida - 201301
Ph: +91-11- 33078686

2. Indian Red Cross Society
Address: 1, Red Cross Road, Parliament Street, Opposite Parliament House
Delhi - 110001
Ph: +91 -11-23716441, 23716442, 23716443

3. Lions Blood Bank
Address: 369, 2nd Floor, Patparganj, FIE Industrial Area, Near Punjab National Bank
Delhi - 110092
Ph: +91-11-42828091, 42828092, 42828093.

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