Nutrition To Address The Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Posted on:5,Jul'18

Posted by: CancerHelpline

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Good nutrition plays an important role in cancer treatment to aid better response to treatment and a speedy recovery. However, getting this nutrition is easier said than done.

Firstly, certain tumours alter the way the human body processes food. So, although the patient might be eating nutritious food, the body might not be processing those nutrients.

Additionally, during cancer treatment, certain side effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhoea, mouth sores and trouble swallowing are very common. Sometimes, cancer patients also have a high sensitivity to smell. With conditions like these, the relationship that one shares with food changes. Since cancer treatment can affect one’s sense of taste, smell and appetite, patients often do not get sufficient nutrition.

Understand Why Nutrition Is Good For You

Often, this is the time that patients should eat for the sake of eating, and not necessarily for taste. But, the treatment could sometimes cause an aversion to the sight of food itself.

But, ignoring food intake on a regular basis could cause other conditions of malnutrition such as anoerexia or cachexia. So, it is important to address weight loss during cancer treatment and treat it immediately.

During the course of treatment, it is very important to pay attention to not just the amount of food, but also the right kind of calories consumed. The eating habits, and nutritional needs for a cancer patient could be different from that of a healthy adult. Often, patients with better nourishment also have a better prognosis during treatment.

Cancer patients are also encouraged to eat home-cooked meals, which ensure that food is prepared in a controlled environment.

So, work with a nutritionist to understand your side effects, your nutritional needs, your food habits and your treatment plan, to build a diet chart.

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