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Posted on:8,May'17

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This is part of our series of monthly blog posts where we answer certain frequently asked questions we face in our calls to view the entire series, Please Click Here

Q.  I am an adult male from Hyderabad and have been diagnosed with lung cancer. I am undergoing treatment now and our consulting doctor has suggested for Nivolumab. We would like to get more information on this medicine.

A.  According to our panel of doctors, Nivolumab is usually suggested to treat advanced stage lung cancer that has spread or grown. The drug might have side effects and it is advised to consult with your primary physician and understand the pros and cos before proceeding further.

Q. My father has been diagnosed with myeloma and is undergoing treatment right now. I wanted to know if this cancer is hereditary and if so what tests I have to undergo as a preventive measure.

A. According to our records, foreign patients have to pay deposit an amount of
Rs. 2, 00,000/- and the patient should have a medical visa as part of the admission.
The appointment can be booked online according to your visit plan.

Q. We are from Bangladesh and the patient is an adult female who has been diagnosed with APML cancer (which is type of leukemia). She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment now. We wanted to come to Tata Memorial Hospital India for treatment. Can you guide us on the process and also on how to get a medical visa?

A. Following are the emails that patient information can be sent: (for patient care and queries) (for administrative - HRD matters)
Once the hospital receives the reports, they can be evaluated by medical experts followed by medical advice and medical invitation letter.  Medical visa can be obtained with the help of this medical letter.
Q.  My daughter has been diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, and it has slowly spread to lungs. She is experiencing breathlessness due to this. I would like to know if there is any treatment that we can opt for.

A.  As per our panel of doctors, it is advised that at this point of time it is better if the patient takes palliative care as the cancer is in advanced stage.

Q.  My father earlier had been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma and had undergone treatment before he passed away. After few months, my mother has now been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma and she is getting treated in Delhi. Because of this I wanted to know whether this cancer can be transferred genetically and should I take any preventive actions?

A.  As per our panel of doctors, this type of cancer does not transfer genetically.

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