Mankind has been fighting a battle against cancer for quite some time now and whether you are on the path to recovery or are experiencing any sort of discomfort or trauma because of cancer, this helpline is here for you. Our team consists of well-trained and professional counsellors with experience in the field. We will listen with patience and no judgement. We will listen, not because it's our job, but because we care. Our staff members provide counselling and support before, during, and after any cancer treatment and make time for follow-up care and support.



Cancer… is a distorted version of our normal selves. Harold Varmus, 1989

All cancers begin in cells, the body's basic unit of life. To understand cancer, it is important to understand how a normal cell in the body becomes a cancer cell.

The body is made up of trillions of living cells. Each cell in our body has a certain job to do. Normal body cells grow, divide, and die in an orderly fashion. They die when they are old or damaged, and then they are replaced with new cells.


Cancer is one of the deadliest chronic diseases known to us. Besides its rampant spread in our society today, there are other factors that have given this disease such a deadly status… Its causes are not always known, its growth within the body is uncertain, treatment is still sometimes more an art form than a science and not to mention survival rates are still unpredictable. When it comes to cancer, all these aspects only go to endorsing the old adage ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

It is important that we all understand how to prevent cancer to the best of our abilities and inculcate habits in our day to day lives which support this effort. "Cheating" cancer is all about preventing cancer and if that unfortunately is not possible then detecting it early enough to give your bodies a fighting chance. In order to “cheat” cancer there are two habits you must cultivate:


Reduce your cancer risk - Develop habits to reduce your chances of getting cancer in the first place


Reduce your cancer risk - Develop habits to reduce your chances of getting cancer in the first place


Finding out that you might have cancer could be a huge shock not just for you but also for your family. The uncertainty surrounding the fact that you might be suffering from a deadly disease, despite your best efforts, could force you to experience emotions such as denial, anger, anxiety and even fear.

The feelings you and your family experience are all normal and understandable. While it would take you time to understand and deal with your feelings, it is essential that you also take action to understand exactly what disease you are suffering from. It is important that you undergo proper diagnosis to find out if you are indeed suffering from cancer, and if you are, then what the nature of the disease is. The right diagnosis will allow you to identify your prognosis and the best treatment options available to you. This will help you manage the treatment process better.


Our professional services are focused on offering the best treatment that you can get, supported by an empathetic integrative care team who will help you manage your life through treatment and beyond.


Medical Oncology

Our medical oncologists treat cancer using chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy

Medical Oncology

Our clinic is also uniquely designed to support medical oncology procedures in the most optimised and hassle-free manner. With the latest equipment and best protocols, we make it conducive for patients and caregivers to receive the best treatment at an affordable price.


Surgical Oncology

Our expert panel of surgical oncologists use best in class techniques to prevent cancer from spreading or returning

Surgical Oncology

Sometimes organ preservation surgeries also ensure that the tumour can be removed without removing the organ or causing significant damage. At Cancer Clinics, our integrative care team of physical therapists, nutritionists and counsellors work with the patient to offer the required care to support a quick recovery.


Radiation Oncology

We ensure that our patients are treated by the best names in radiation oncology using state-of the-art technology

Radiation Oncology

At Cancer Clinics, we include radiation therapy in our end-to-end treatment plans. Our multidisciplinary tumour board works together to devise the radiation therapy plan including the appropriate dosage and duration of treatment. We decide this based on the individual patient and their personalised treatment plan. Our focus on integrative care helps patients manage side effects of radiation therapy with coaching, counselling, and advice on nutrition.



With regular cancer screening tests, we assist in diagnosing cancer early, thereby improving treatment outcomes.


Cancer Clinics believes the best way to fight cancer is by catching it early when the five-year survival rates are high and the cost of treatment is low. Our BEAT (Best outcomes through Early and Accelerated Treatment) Program is focused on ensuring just that. Through a combination of prevention, screening and surveillance strategies, the BEAT Program is pushing to move the needle on the median detection stage of cancer from the advanced stages in India to stage 1, like in the advanced countries. Come #BEATcancerwithCancerClinics.



Our cancer coaches has medical and psycho-social training to guide the patient and family through the entire treatment cycle – from diagnosis until the end of treatment.


We understand that medications play an important role in the treatment plan, so, our in-house oncology pharmacy is always stocked with your drug requirement.

Genetic Counselling

Be advised of the risks, consequences, and predisposition to chronic illness for you and your entire family with genetic counselling.

Psycho - oncology

Our psycho-oncologists support you to reduce feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, helplessness, and confusion during the course of treatment.


Exclusively focused on the needs of cancer patients, our nutritionists ensure you get the right nutrition while managing side effects of treatment.


There are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide

Thankfully, cancer is not always a death sentence – particularly with the progress made in recent decades. Although incidence of cancer is increasing, in many countries more people are surviving cancer than ever before.

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